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Strategy #1 Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford…

Strategy #1 – Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford…

Lets say it together “I will not buy stuff that I cannot afford.” Let the past be the past. You bought stuff and spent money you didn’t have on something and now you are trying to get out of debt. I’m not suggesting the end of the world apocalypse approach of denouncing credit cards and living off the land but rather a more rational approach to how we handle our money.  In my case, I spent money I didn’t have on an education, a house, a car, and a few other smaller things. Now I have significant amounts of debt. So my resolution is to not buy anything else that I cannot afford to. I will not think about buying another vehicle, I will not purchase anything on a credit card (store specific, i.e. Best Buy Credit Card) that I do not absolutely have to, I will not go on a vacation that I cannot afford. I simply must not buy anything that I cannot afford. Easy enough…


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